T’was the Night Before 4/20: Artist Statement

The research question that my group analyzed was: What should be the legal status of marijuana? The five of us came up with three narratives: 1. Marijuana is a dangerous drug and therefore should be illegal; 2.Marijuana is less dangerous than other legal drugs therefore it should be decriminalized; and 3. Marijuana is medicine and should thus be legal.

The poster I chose took hours of looking and re-deciding, but finally the right one seemed to pop up: The School of Rock. Our research question is: What should the legal status of Marijuana be? A big problem was finding a poster that was going to be funny and have a good pun. This poster worked because it had a simple background, and it gave me creative space for puns related to our subject. The story of school of rock contains a lovable character who leads a group of kids into what their parents to believe to be a life down the drain, when in fact musicians are notoriously famous. This same model goes for pot. Kinda. People use cannabis, and people will always say that weed is a gateway drug, and it can never lead to anything good. But the reality is your use of pot, just like the use of playing rock music, doesn’t have any say in how successful you will actually be in real life.

The poster is satirizing people who use cannabis in a stereotypical way. It portrays a view that most people would think about when cannabis is talked about. And how very easy and popular it has to become to be a medical patient and obtain cannabis. The people that I included in the poster are people I thought of when you think of weed: Seth Rogan, Doug Benson, and Snoop Dogg, because they are what I thought to be the “face” of marijuana. The man in the middle is Steve DeAngelo, owner of one of the biggest dispensaries in the U.S, and a pro marijuana advocate.
The only thing I kept original in this poster was Jack Black’s body. I changed the background to well known stoners, I changed the catchphrase from “we don’t need no education” to “Weed don’t need no education.” how successful do you think you were?


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