There is More to Lose than to Gain

By: Ulises Olmedo

There are people that see Marijuana as a dangerous drug that should not be legalized. There has been studies of marijuana that have shown critical effects to the body but is still unknown it’s full effect. Some people are concerned that letting marijuana being legal well bring harm to young generations. Agencies like NIDA (National Institute on Drug Abuse), and DEA( Drug Enforcement Administration) that are against the idea of marijuana legalization are really concerned that this drug is going to fall in the hands of teenager. People like Thomas Mcclellan, Nora D. Volkow, and Chuck Rosenberg that are against the idea of marijuana legalization are constantly finding ways to make people understand that Marijuana is a drug that it will harm people, just like any other drug.

Narritive Graph


The agency NIDA the National Institute on Drug Abuse have study marijuana and have found that marijuana can have it long and short term effects on the body mostly in the brain. The short term effect consists in altered senses, change in mood, impaired body movement, difficulty with thinking and problem-solving, and impaired memory this effects can be resolve with treatment and time. However just like any other drug marijuana is addictive and for users that start from a young age they are in a high risk of having the long term effects that are reduce thinking, memory, and learning functions and affect how the brain builds. For more information about NIDA click here.



(The places where marijuana affects you)

The director of NIDA Nora D. Volkow have done a message to put an end to the unclear question of medical marijuana and her point of view of the future, if marijuana does become legal. Nora D. volkow have say that the “current number of regular marijuana users is about 1 in every 15 high school seniors” and she says that “is possible that this number increases with the legalization of marijuana.” One of the last comments about marijuana is that marijuana is going to jeopardize the lives of teenagers. read her full message here.


Another agency that is against legalizing marijuana is the Drug Enforcement Administration the DEA, this agency was created by President Richard Nixon in July 1973 because of the war on drugs. The DEA is mostly concerned about this idea of legalizing marijuana because of the impact is going to give future generations and the effects that can bring to the society. Recently in May 2014 the DEA have give the public, information about what they know about marijuana it includes the view of medicine, dangers, Treatments, behaviors, and the consequences of marijuana use. A quote directly from their website describes, Without a clear understanding of the mental and physical effects of marijuana, its use on our youth, our families, and our society, we will never understand the ramifications it will have on the lives of our younger generation, the impact on their future, and its costs to our society.

There are still things to learn about marijuana, but the only thing that is undeniable right now is the fact that is a drug and its long term effects are too risky to have around younger generations. The things that should be consider are finding ways to educate teenagers of the effects of marijuana and finding ways of keeping marijuana away from teenagers. If marijuana does become Legal, the number of teenagers using marijuana will increase, and the problems with this Drug are going to be similar to drugs that have been legalized in the past like Alcohol and Tobacco.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Amanda Levin says:

    Did you come across any individuals who were advocating for legalization after a certain age? It seems like the negative effects of the kind of marijuana people smoke now are so much more dangerous for young people that the argument holds more weight than I originally thought.


  2. Adan says:

    I don’t believe that marijuana will lead to other drugs but it can have a very harmful effect on certain people because not every user is the same


  3. Nikolasi Niumeitolu says:

    Are there people against marijuana because they don’t like the competition a marijuana market would bring?


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