Syrians need help now!

By Lauren Jacobs and Nehemiah Rhodes 

Intro: The events in Syria have been all over US politics. With three out of fifteen presidential candidates being open to allowing refugees entry in the US and twelve candidates are against their entry, the question remains, what should the US do about the Middle Eastern Crisis?  The US needs to take responsibility and accept the refugees that need help.

The civil war in Syria broke out when a group of kids that were really unhappy with the government of their country, painted revolutionary comments on a school building wall, demonstrating their unhappiness with the Syrian system. 15 kids were arrested -and tortured- for the graffiti. People  took to the streets in protest,demanding the freedom of the inconet kids, a different government and freedom in their country. The protests began peacefully. In March of 2011 the army opened fire on the protesters, killing four innocent civilians. People demanded that Bashar al-Assad, the presidents of Syria, step down, with hopes of having a better country. 


Millions of Syrians have been displaced or have fled from their homes due to the threat of being killed by ISIS or their military, trying to get to a safer place to live. They’ve traveled hundreds of miles and not always in the best conditions. Some hope to come to the United States but the screening process is a long and rigorous one But despite the mass number of applicants, only approximately 2,000 refugees has been accepted into the US.

The US has a history of allowing those seeking refuge into the country. According to the Huffington Post, during WWII, the United States turned away Jewish refugees in fear that they could be Nazi spies. A lot on innocent people were killed. The same thing is happening now, with the refugees fleeing Syria, the fear that they could be terrorists is stopping this country from allowing them in. The fear that groups such as ISIS put in people should not hinder the US from helping those in need. So many innocent people are being killed because the US it turning it’s back on them.  The US needs to allow Syrian refugees entry into the country. It’s our civic duty.

The refugees benefit from coming here. The children can go to school and get an education. Their families can live in peace, without having to live in constant fear that  they would be killed. We can provide them with the protection and care that they deserve.

Case study:  Source  

Source www.usnews(source)


For example, a county that has actually welcomed Syrian refugees is our northern neighbor, Canada. As the NYtimes points outPrime minister Justin Trudeau welcomed a planeload of Syrian refugees landing in Toronto. A body of people in Canada was aiming to accept at 25,000 Syrian refugees by the end of February. The first group of 163 Syrians who arrived late Thursday night have been sponsored by individuals or groups who agreed to arrange their housing situation, education and other resettlement needs. Sponsors have had to raise over 28,000 Canadian dollars and donated about $20,400, for each Syrian family.

Meanwhile as CNN reports other countries like Germany From 2011 to this year have received nearly 100,000 applications for asylum. Lebanon has taken in 1.1 million registered refugees and others who are not registered. Turkey has taken in the most Syrian refugees of any country. More the 1.9 million refugees have crossed the border. Only about a third of the refugees live in government ran camps. Israel is the only country sharing a border with Syria that has not taken in any Syrian refugees. U.S. officials say the country is looking for ways to improve its response to the crisis however the U.S has already accepted about 1,500 refugees from Syria.


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  1. mikaelaweidman says:

    How would you know if a refugee was christian or not??


    1. stell4burke says:

      for a country that says we have to separate church and state we are miserable failures. take this kind of thorough, investigations and focus it towards gun control.


    2. Jackson Tobes says:

      There was a system that japan used in order to tell who were christian/catholic and who were not. Basically they lined them up and one by one they would be led to a stepping stone of Mary and if they did the father the son and the holy spirit they would be arrested. In this situation they would be allowed in.


  2. Jessaly Sinchico says:

    Yeah, is interesting when people called you by something that you totally are not relate. It’s upsetting.


  3. Amanda Levin says:

    You mention the benefits for refugee and asylum seekers. What about potential benefits they bring to the US?


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