Microwaving the Earth?


Artists Statement

By Chyna Banks, Poncho Tian, Paige Jones, Juan Herrera

To define climate change, we must understand global warming. As modern technology advanced, more factories were built around world. The gas factories produced can’t diffuse on its own, therefore formed an extra barrier of gas other than Earth’s atmosphere. When sunlight reaches Earth’s surface, its heat suppose to evaporate, so the temperature of Earth stay at a constant degree. However, because of this extra barrier of gas, only little heat has evaporated to space. While most heats are trapped between atmosphere and Earth surface, which increases the Earth’s temperature, the result of increasing temperature of Earth is climate change.

Climate change and global warming have combined to create the most serious issue our Earth is facing. Overall, the cause of climate change is human beings. If climate change continues at the current pace, there will be extreme weather including unsustainable drought, windstorms, tsunamis, and melting icecaps leading to rising of sea levels. In fact, countries near the poles have already shown that the rate of rising sea levels increases annually and some coastlines have already been affected. Climate change is a scientific issue, each evidence that proves climate change is occurring is fact and date. It’s undeniable, so the question really is: how can we adapt to climate change and the circumstances it is creating?

Renewable Energy and Climate Change– How renewable energy is the righteous way to prevent climate change.

A Thing About Climate Change – How people adapt to the earths global warming

Building A New Earth– How Geoengineering can help our climate change in the future

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  1. paigejones says:

    I think ours is the most different poster


  2. Poncho T says:

    I don’t know what to say, I felt we didn’t put enough satire in it.


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