Let Me Live, Let Me Breathe

by: Jessaly Sinchico & Karla Navarro


Women should have the right to make decisions about their bodies, however if these decisions lead to unintended consequences, they must be responsible for the dsc8389outcome. If a woman has an unwanted preg
nancy the choice should not be about what to do about the pregnancy, but what should have been done about getting pregnant. Preventing pregnancy is meant to be preventative not a solution. One of the most common “solutions” to  preventing pregnancy has become
abortion, which has created a controversy about who should be able to decide whether or not to terminate a pregnancy. Many people who are working to eliminate abortion as an option believe they are fighting for human rights of those who cannot speak for themselves.Women’s reproductive health should not include access to abortion because abortion is not preventative medicine.

The Pro-Life movement is made up of people who strongly endorse the belief that women’s health care should not include access to abortion under any circumstances.  The belief that abortion is corrupting the way people live, and that we are changing the way of nature is fundamental to the Pro-Life movement. In this century, women have their rights, but for many people this does not mean that women have the right to use abortion as a type of preventative medicine. Women have the right to have sex education and methods of how to prevent any sexual disease: abortion is not part of this. 

Who & Why

Many people have different opinions about abortion but Judie Brown is the president of the American Life League, which is an organization in the United States of people who work to protect lives and they are against abortion. Brown is a person who has given many arguments about abortion, saying that abortion must be illegal. Brown wrote the article “All Abortions Must Be Illegal,” in order to make her audience know that the preborn baby has a right to life regardless of the circumstances under which the woman went through. Brown says that there is no excuse in which women should abort, because she believes that abortion is not the solution for a woman.

For example, when doctors see a woman with a serious condition like cancer in the uterus, they start a treatment that kills the unborn one. However, this treatment is not seen as an abortion because the treatment was in order to save the mother. Killing the unborn one was not on purpose, because the doctors try their best to save the life of the unborn until the end, but for abortion its purpose is to kill the unborn child. Another argument that Brown says is that abortion is not acceptable even if the unborn one has deformities, because is like saying that the unborn one has no purpose in life. According to Brown, she says that humans have not right to say who is worthy of being alive or not.

Lastly, Brown argues about “Babies having Babies,” and says that abortion is still totally wrong. She also says that society is wrong when calling a young lady a baby because that is not true. Brown says that babies cannot get pregnant or have babies because their reproductive system is not fully prepared at a young age. Brown’s concern is that young women called babies are not any more babies because they already know what are the consequences of not using protection while having sex. Brown believes that pregnant young women should not abort even if they think that being pregnant at a young age is embarrassing or awful, instead they should learn how to be responsible in life. Brown says that she is worried because Planned Parenthood support is saying that young women are being pushed suddenly to become adults. However, Brown believes that this organizations should be more concern about young women having sex without protection and aborting instead of taking responsibility of their acts. In conclusion, she is totally against the idea of women having access to abortion because killing the unborn children is not a solution.

Another person who has been against the idea of legal abortion is Andrew Napolitano, a former judge of the Superior Court of New Jersey, and is the senior judicial analyst at Fox News Channel. Napolitano has written books on Constitutional, legal, and political subjects. He wants to be a guide for the United States society in which he has argued that abortion isedb7718efae17dafb89bdd141f1b43f0 immoral for whatever the mother’s situation is. Even if getting pregnant by the result of rape, the baby has the same right to life as any child born by mutually loving parents. Napolitano has said “Only the Nazis would punish a child for the crimes of his or her father.” Napolitano has also written an article against abortion which he certainly says that abortion is not moral. He believes that women should have their babies and do not abort because he believes that life is something amazing for humans. At the end, all he wants is to make our society know that abortion should not be legalized, and to become an appreciative country of life.

Sam Brownback, a United States senator from Kansas, claims that abortion is not ethical because it violates America’s founding principles, which to protect human rights. Brownback is not only a politician from the Republican party, but he is also one who has been trying to tell the country that abortion is a crime that is violating human rights. He believes that abortion is not ethical.

In his article “Abortion Violates Human Rights,” Sam is really influential with his arguments. He has said that from nowhere “convenience” and “comfort” became values more important than the right to life for a woman. He certainly tries to make see people that abortion is a crime and it is evil in the sight of God.

His motives in this article we can see it really clear that is to convince people that abortion violates human rights because he believes in scientific evidence that has revealed that the embryo will be a human life after all. Eventually, all he wants is to make women reasonable so they can see that abortion is an act of becoming a murder.He maintains that scientific evidence clearly reveals the embryo to be a human life. As such, according to Brownback, the embryo has the same rights as any adult person, and killing means becoming a murder. Abortion violates human rights. All human beings have the rights to life. Government exists to secure the right to life for all citizens, including the unborn one.

Case Study

The Ideas expressed by the supporters of the position that women’s healthcare should not include abortion are clearly evident in the story of Christine A. Schelle. who tells her experience of being pregnant and how she chose the right decision.

Christine A. Schelle from South California was still a college student when she knew that she was pregnant.  She did not have planned getting pregnant at that time so is there when she started to have hopeless thoughts that she even thought about abortion. However, she grew up knowing the word of God, and she knew that killing the unborn one was wrong. Before taking any decision she went to her counselor and ask for any advice. Her counselor told her that the best way was to have the baby and then give him for adoption. After having the conversation with her counselor she decided to have the baby and think what to do with the baby after is born. Time went fast and she already was pregnant of nine months, but it was not as easy as she thought it was going to be. The day finally can and without knowing she was already at the hospital and on her arms was her little baby boy. When she saw the baby’s face she decided that the best choice was to keep the baby with her.

Now, she believes that her son is a blessing from God, and she is really thankful for taking the best decision in her life.


Considering, there are already 27 states with a mandatory waiting periods for abortion, and increasing limitations on availability of abortion. The reality is that abortion should not be an element of women’s health care. Health care suggests preventative and supportive care for women but abortion should not be included in women’s reproductive health. Women should be responsible of their actions and should start seeing a preborn child as a human with life that is being killed. There are many ways to prevent a pregnancy like condoms, pills, patch, shot, sponge, vaginal ring, etc… to not have an unwanted pregnancy . If the issue is getting pregnant without the consent of the women such as rape there are many other ways other than abortion. For example giving in adoption. For these reasons It is convincing that women should not have abortion included in their health care.


8 Comments Add yours

  1. Amanda Levin says:

    One of the problems with this viewpoint is that by limiting women’s reproductive health as a way to prevent abortion, the necessary preventative care is also limited. What sorts of solutions are in place for this? Also, if a woman is raped, does it seem fair to insist that she carry the baby to term if she does not want to do this?


  2. lucyrosenthal says:

    I think it is interesting to put the right of a fetus above the right of a woman, I don’t know if I would agree with that, but I understand the appeal of saving a child rather than supporting an adult.


  3. Jackson Tobes says:

    The picture were the baby is in the womb, that is just super messed up and unrealistic, forcing a woman to have the child of someone who raped them and then have to take care of that baby is traumatic. They would have serious PTSD


  4. Jessaly Sinchico says:

    I agree that necessary preventative care would become limited, but probably there should be organizations that help women in order to take the best decisions for them without risking anyones life.


  5. Jessaly Sinchico says:

    I also agree that it would be really traumatic for women but in someway hurting others it’s not right..


  6. Nyah says:

    I honestly people should be able to decide what they want to do with their life. I don’t think anybody should be telling anyone how to live their life.


    1. lucyrosenthal says:

      I agree I think it would be against freedom of religion to get rid of abortions, because it forces that idea on women who don’t agree with it.


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