Legal Green

By: Morgan Franklin

There is much debate around the appropriate legal status for marijuana in the United States. Some of the varying viewpoints include keeping marijuana illegal, making it fully legal, or somewhere in between. Marijuana should be legal because it is less dangerous, less problematic, and less costly to society than tobacco and alcohol. Additionally, marijuana is also used for people needing medical treatments for ailments like arthritis, HIV, glaucoma, and cancer.


Marijuana is not as dangerous as tobacco and alcohol because tobacco causes lung cancer, heart attacks, damages the arteries, chest pain, high blood pressure, and it contain 7,000 chemicals. Additionally alcohol binge drinking can cause blackouts, memory loss, anxiety, brain damage, and mental health problems. You can also overdose on alcohol, and die from it if you continue drinking too many at once.

Smoking related illnesses in the United States costs billions dollars each year in medical care for adults, and losing productivity due to secondhand smoke exposure. The cost of excessive alcohol consumption in the United States reached 223.5 billions in 2006. These costs were due to binge drinking. Alcohol consumption is very common in the United States. Alcoholic beverages per occasion for women are five more drinks per occasion for men.

The cost largely resulted from losses in workplace productivity 72%, health care expenses were caused by excessive drinking 11%. The law enforcements and other criminal justice was related to expense alcohol consumptions 9%. Motor vehicle crash cost inspired driving is 6%

The study analyzed national in 2006. The most recent years were available.the study did not consider a number of number of other costs because of the pain suffering among the excessive drinking cost seven hundred forty-six for every man woman, and child in the United States in 2006.

Dr. Donald Tashkin has been trying to find out if marijuana causes lung cancer. he stated that he is in favor of legalizing marijuana because tobacco smoking causes for more harm, and in terms of an intoxicant alcohol causes even more harm. I interview Evelyn Reynolds, she has arthritis she can’t open jars, and can’t pick up anything, she has been in pain for two years. Ms.Reynolds, made an appointment with Dr. Tashkin and  He prescribed her marijuana for her arthritis to relieve the pain. Ms. Reynolds suggested that marijuana should be legal  for medical treatment, even though she mention that her grand children would think smoking marijuana is terrifying. But she wouldn’t recommend teenagers smoking it because their very young, and their brains are still developing.

Doctors and employees that are in favor of legalizing marijuana include why it’s not a harmful drug. The arguments favor legalizing marijuana suggest that it helps people that have disease, and pain. These arguments are valid because many people state that it dangerous your body it specially teenager



12 Comments Add yours

  1. AndrewPongtananon says:

    The annual U.S. Death is surprising me because out of all those drugs, marijuana is the only one that give no death.


    1. Tori says:

      but yet, its still not legal but smoking cigarettes


      1. Tori says:

        ….are okay


      2. Jackson Tobes says:

        It is all about turning a profit, which is why when weed becomes legal, big corporations are going to instantly start monopolizing it.


      3. Nyah says:

        I guess they feel like weed isn’t going to make as much money cigarettes because they know so many people are addicted to it.


    2. Brianna says:

      Yeah that is surprising. I always thought, like cigarettes, smoking marijuana could still give you lung cancer.


  2. Enrique avalos says:

    If marijuana would be legalized I think the age of legal consumption should be 21


  3. Jackson Tobes says:

    For no deaths, there are a lot of people going to jail for it. It seems to be by far the least harmful illegal drug on the market. And is clinically proven to be medicinal.


    1. EnriqueLopez says:

      I share the same idea as you my dear Jackson, marijuana is a really big taboo this days.


  4. yaretd says:

    its crazy how 4 thousand people died from tobacco and there is no deaths on Marijuana


  5. Amanda Levin says:

    It seems like you make a very clear argument that big pharma wants to ensure marijuana remains illegal so people are more reliant on their drugs. Well done.


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