Left Behind: Reproductive Rights


Artist Statement

by: Rida Attaurrehman, Sachi Moran, Adan Hernandez, Karla Navarro, Jessaly Sinchico

Women’s reproductive rights as an aspect of women’s healthcare has become a topic that gets thrown around by many people to whom it does not necessarily apply including men and devout religious practitioners. Oddly, it rarely seems to fall to those who the topic directly concerns: women. There have been many laws that get passed allowing to violate women’s rights that are protected by the constitution decreasing their safety and lower thief access to basic health care needs such as birth control. The majority of women get affected are low income and of color. Women’s health care has been automatically linked to abortion despite having many other needs besides abortion.

The fact that many ignore Planned Parenthood has brought positive outcomes for women and society as a whole. Defunding has taken away affordable health care for women and cuts them off from their own rights as human beings.


Narrative: Let Me Live, Let Me Breathe

Narrative: Who Truly Pays the Price for Contraception?

Narrative: Don’t Have A Vagina? Don’t Decide For Me

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