Gunland: The NRA’s Dreamland

By Jackson Tobes

For our IDP, we investigated Gun Control in America and how we as a nation can solve it. While choosing the different narratives that supply different people’s opinions on how we are to solve this crisis, we needed to make fun of a narrative that sounded absurd to our group. Of course we chose the craziest and definitely the most absurd narrative, the National Rifle Association’s. We chose Zombieland because it fit the idea of how the NRA thinks, more guns to kill more mindless soulless bad guys.

Our poster depicts the NRA as killers, how they are willing to protect their guns so that they can be prepared for anything. Also how they are protecting weaponry that wouldn’t even be needed for just house protection, but only good for a post-apocalyptic situation. The NRA thinks that schools need armed guards, so people with guns don’t come in school, hence the coming to theatres and schools soon.

A key aesthetic choice I did was to add the hair of the original characters to the people I put in, trying to make it so people can recognize the original movie. I also chose to make Charlton Heston the older main character, Woody Harrelson’s character, Tallahassee; a sick, mentally deranged, yet somehow lovable character. Also, showing the terrorist, James Holmes, who shot up a movie theatre in Aurora, Colorado, and hinting at many other instances where the system failed to prevent these killers from gaining access to high calibered weapons, is to show how the NRA is allowing these people to gain that access, because they’re fighting to stop the government from taking large calibered weapons.

I changed the title name from Zombieland to Gunland, to show how the NRA, as serious as they say they take gun safety, are only into guns for their own childish fantasies. To go hunting for sport and not even for the need of food. We also changed all the names, all extra text at the bottom describing who directed, edited it, etc. was changed. The director of the film was AR-15, a high caliber rifle that was used in the Sandy Hook school shooting, used as a double meaning of the word. This project was a lot of fun to do, it also taught me more about photoshop, and developing my skills.

Group Members

Jackson Tobes

Zoe Phelps

Senay Moges

Yaretd Hernandez


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