Gun In The Wrong Hand

Yaretd H and Senay M

The estimated number of firearms on American streets today is 270 million to 310 million. This equates to one gun per person. America leads the world in gun related deaths with 13,286 people and mass shootings of 372 in 2015. In order to create a society where a greater number of people are safe from gun violence and the general threat of firearms, it is imperative that gun laws change. The kind of legislation that would be most effective regarding the gun presence in America would be laws that dramatically reduce the number and availability of guns on American streets. In order to reduce the number of guns in the general population laws must be passed that require background checks, ensure mental stability, and being 21 and over.






The graph shows that the number of mass shootings have increased over the past years. This graph displays how the number of mass shootings victims and how this number has increased. In 1966 there were under 40 victims of mass shootings and in 2012 there were almost 100.

One of the biggest reasons people have access to guns is because there is a lack of proper background checks which makes it easier for a dangerous or mentally ill person to get their hands on a gun. Certain politicians like Obama and Clinton argue that we should have stricter gun laws because the chances of guns getting into the wrong hands continues to grow, more mass shootings continue to happen and innocent people end up getting hurt. If we take the guns away from the people the number of mass shootings would decrease because only qualified people would use them.

President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have given their perspectives on gun control laws. President Obama is a Democrat that has a year left on his second election. He believes that to own a gun people must pass background checks, meaning people can’t buy guns online or at gun shows without a background check. Obama wants to have stricter gun rules because there are too many victims of gun violence and if laws do not change soon more people will be harmed by guns.

People in power have an influence on the public’s opinions, they are promising and have an understanding of the problem. Hillary Clinton is a democrat who is running for president and she believes that she can make America safer by taking the guns away from civilians. She believes that we need to stop the Charleston loophole. The Charleston loophole allows people to buy guns online and at gun shows, if their background check is not complete in three days they can buy the gun even if they hadn’t passed the background check. That is how Dylann Roof got his gun; the man who killed nine innocent people in an African American church. He was able to buy the gun used in the attack because of a breakdown in the federal gun background check system.

On the morning of December 14, 2012 one of the most horrific school shootings occurred at Sandy Hook elementary school, in Newtown, Connecticut. 20 children and 6 adults were shot and killed by Adam Lanza, a 20 year-old who shot and killed his mother earlier that day. He then took his parents gun and ammunition and drove to the school.

In light of recent school shootings, like Sandy Hook and many others, moms are scared of sending their children to school because they might not see them again. All a mother dreams is for their children to grow up in a safe community and for them to be healthy. For many mom’s that dream goes away because their children are victims of gun violence.

Ending gun violence may seem impossible because it is such a colossal problem. However, it’s been proven that if people come together and protest, they can save many lives. Six months after the Sandy Hook shooting an organization called Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, asked Congress to do the right thing on background checks. But background checks aren’t the only legislation that can affect change. There are other proactive steps that can be taken like gun registries and waiting periods for gun purchases. For example if a person would like to purchase a gun the person will have to receive it a week later. Having a waiting period would give time to do a thorough background check.






More background checks would help make things safer and hopefully save more lives. It is unlikely that America would be made a free gun zone, because many people view owning guns as a sense of having more power.Background checks aren’t enough to fix gun violence. Peter and Nancy Lanza passed the background check and rightfully bought themselves guns. However, this proved to be a problem because their son had access to them.

Overall, the statistics, the proposed laws by the presidential candidates, and the case studies show that there is an obvious perpetuation of gun violence. For that reason Obama and Clinton want to have stricter gun laws to avoid more deaths of innocent people.

It is important to address gun incidents because if it does not stop it may only get worse. Citizens are not going to feel safe anymore and parents are going to feel uncomfortable about sending their kids to school with the fear of something happening. This fear can permeate to children and thus the American population because there is no background check enforcement. Therefore, stricter gun laws should be imposed.


8 Comments Add yours

  1. Alice Hou says:

    Law enforcement is very important! People need to really implement those laws. And should keep tracking those people who bought the gun.


    1. Yesenia says:

      I agree that it is very important, but finding an actual solution for this issue is very complex.


      1. Zoe says:

        I agree its not something thats going to go away overnight.


    2. Tori says:

      I totally agree but I feel that this is going to be an on going problem that will slowly go away


      1. yaretd says:

        yeah it is an ongoing problem that should not be ignored


  2. Zoe says:

    This is an ongoing issue that is only going to get worse if something isn’t done, it’s already been proven with the increase in mass shootings. I’m interested to see what actually gets put in place to try an control this issue.


  3. Amanda Levin says:

    It would be interesting to compare per person gun ownership/possession and death by gun by country. Not that surprising probably, but interesting.


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