Artists’ Statement

By: Enrique Avalos

This movie poster was created as a recreation of the The Martian movie poster, as a satirical outlook upon Donald Trump’s far-fetched mass deportation plan concerning immigrants in the United States. Similarly to Matt Damon’s need for rescue on planet Mars in The Martian, Trump needs to be saved from his backwards and illogical line of thought.  From researching the viewpoints of Donald Trump and other Republicans, I noticed that they use the term “illegal aliens” to refer to immigrants, which arguably carries negative connotation; this sparked an idea for me, and I decided to give them a taste of their own medicine by emphasizing Trump’s alien-like mindset. A significant addition to the poster is the change that I made to the caption “Home is only 140 miles away” near the top of the poster for the original movie. I created a wordplay to this original phrase, and photoshopped it so that it read, “Home is only 11 million people away”. This play on words derives from Trump’s plan to deport all illegal immigrants in the United States, which is estimated to be around 11 million people, in a maximum period of two years. The new caption serves as a satirical description of the mass deportation procedure as a simple plan, because the thought process and planning that has gone into Trump’s promise is unrealistic and ridiculously undetailed. Another significant addition to the poster is in the bottom left corner where the Fox News logo is combined with the Republican symbol, implying that Fox News is profiting from all the attention that Donald is getting this election, though not necessarily that they support his deportation plan. Finally, I included Donald Trump, Dwight Eisenhower, and Operation Wetback in the credits as people and programs that have enforced unsuccessful and inhumane mass deportations.


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