Artist Statement

By Breonna Johnson

While researching our topic, the Student Loan Crisis, the anxiety and despair Americans experience while struggling to pay for college loan debt was a recurring topic. The question of how Americans should pay for college was also a recurring topic during our research. Students of middle-class families are more likely to either not go to college or to sign up for loans that will lead to years of debt. We wanted a horror movie poster to demonstrate the overwhelming amounts of college debt students face. Deliver Us From Evil is the movie poster my group chose because of the horror theme of the poster as well as the title. The title originally looks like “Deliver us from Devil” with the D connecting to both words. The title for our purposes now is “Deliver Us from Debt,” fitting into our topic of the crisis nicely.

Our group chose to have Bernie Sanders and Barack Obama replace Eric Bana and Edgar Ramirez because Obama and Sanders have been outspoken on the topic of student debt. Sanders wants to make public colleges totally free for students and Obama encourages free community colleges.

Federal loan companies are listed on the poster as the ‘creators and producers’ of  our horror movie because they created the student loan crisis. All movies are rated; our movie is rated MA 18+ for tears and payments.

The hardest part of the poster was the text. There wasn’t an easy way to mimic the texture of the larger text so we settled for a technique to make it look close to the original text style. Making the pictures of Sanders and Obama fit the movie poster was a lot easier. Changing the filters and size of the pictures was less of a hassle than the vast amount of time spent trying to find a text to match the white cracked text in the poster that didn’t seem to belong in a cartoon.  


3 Comments Add yours

  1. alanagibson2016 says:

    I love the play on words


    1. Breonna says:

      Thanks that was one of the reasons the group wanted the poster


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