Artist Statement

For our project, we investigated how we should understand sex work as a society and its legality. We had many different movie posters in mind, however the movie poster for Pretty in Pink was the best fit for what we wanted to portray.

In the poster, we chose to represent all of our narratives. We replaced Molly Ringwald’s character with a woman that represents a sex worker who is empowered by her profession and exercises her freedom to use her body as she pleases. Andrew McCarthy’s character is replaced with a priest, who represents the religious stance against sex work. Jon Cryer’s character is replaced with a woman who is against sex work because she views it as degrading to women.

Some of the symbols we included in our poster include the feminist symbol on the woman in the background who views sex work ad degrading and signs from the anti-slut shaming movement to represent sex workers taking control . They are included to represent the different feminist perspectives on sex work.  We changed the title to Pretty Indecent because of the taboo nature of the topic. We changed the subtext to highlight the many problems associated with sex work and the credits were replaced with groups associated with the issue.


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  1. Amanda Levin says:

    This is a favorite film of mine… I am curious why you chose to place the characters as you did, like what was the connection to the characters in the film, or the relationships between them? It is a classic love triangle….


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