Artist Statement



  Artist Statement

My group picked the topic about Climate Change. At first most of us were unfamiliar with the topic, but by investigating and doing research later, we definitely found out about certain subjects we could work with. We focused on Adaptation, which “refers to both the current state of being adapted and to the dynamic evolutionary process that leads to the adaptation.” We notice how Climate Change can have an affect on our wildlife habitat and sooner than we think it may have an effect on Humans. We used the poster of “X-men: Days of Future Past” because X-men is about mutated humans who in our sense have evolved. Using Al Gore who is a politician, ex Vice President for Bill Clinton, and Environmentalist, we put his face on one of the characters in the movie poster to show how his contribution to global change made he (in the later future where our planet is affected by climate change) appears as an evolved human who has adapted to the Earth that was affected by Climate Change. Thomas Fahr Steyer who is a Hedge Fund Manager, Philanthropist,  Environmentalist, and Billionaire, appears as one of the characters on the poster because he donates to major foundations and supports organizations that want to help with Climate Change. It was difficult finding the right picture to use for Mystique the blue character facing forward, and we could not find a picture of either of them facing forward, so we had to find a picture of Al gore that was similar, erase part of his face and blend it into the rest of Mystique’s face. Tom Steyer was easier because in the majority of his pictures he was turned to the side, i just had to flip it and rotate it a bit to get it exactly over wolverine’s face. I had to erase part of Wolverine’s nose and back of the head, so i could have the correct scale of Tom’s head over. Behind the text i shaded it dark to remove the old text so i could easily put the new text right in front. We added “from the producers..” text to make it funny due to the topic about climate change. We left the title “X-men” the same because of the mutated super heroes and because their duty is to bring balance and have everyone come together, we also wanted Al and Tom to be seen as heroe’s so they could be acknowledged for their hard work and dedication to keeping our earth/environment stable and clean.


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  1. Amanda Levin says:

    The choice to leave the title unchanged seems unusual. Are the people fighting to address global warming and climate change some how mutants? And why did Wolverine’s hand stay the same?


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