Artist Statement

By Mason Gutierrez.

For our project, my group and I decided we should use the movie poster from “Daddy Daycare.”

When searching for a movie poster to effectively parody for the topic of the Syrian Refugee Crisis, we had a lot of difficulties finding something that would fit into our topics’ mold. At first, we tried finding movies we could make ‘pun’ for, but we later realized this would only prove to make our search more difficult and in the long run less effective. In the end, however, we decided to go with the movie “Daddy Daycare”, as some themes and aspects of the poster matched our topic. As a result of choosing this narrative on the Syrian migration, our group decided that the Eddie Murphy blockbuster was a probable and fair-game contender.

We chose this movie because the plot is vaguely comparable to the situation going on right now, as far as the US’ involvement in Syria:

In our poster, you can see Barack Obama being pinned down beneath the weight of a fishing boat over-stuffed with Syrian migrants, representing the overwhelming tension revolving around the civil rights issue.
Our aesthetic is based as closely to the original undoctored movie poster as possible.


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