Artist Statement

by: Adan Hernandez


Our research project is about why is it important to have access to reproductive health care. When looking for a poster it was difficult since many movie posters have SGI added to them already, which makes it hard to incorporate all those specific details to the movie poster. There was a great opportunity by creating a satirical poster using the movie Dallas Buyers Club and erasing ‘Buyer Club’ and adding ‘Against Planned Parenthood’ However, Eric Sanchez, our guest artist who helped us with the visual art project said it wasn’t a very popular movie, despite being nominated for the Oscars. At first I was thinking about Juno but then Eric explained that it would be too literal. The movie is about a teenage girl who thinks about having an abortion. Being informed on that I googled popular movies in 2013 and stumbled upon Wolf  Of  Wall Street and decided to use it for our poster.

The poster reflects how the majority of the Republican party wants to shut down Planned Parenthood, which is why I added Ted Cruz and Donald Trump onto the poster. I also added quotes that Cruz and Trump have said about Planned Parenthood to inform the audience on their stance on the topic. Where it says ‘‘Based on the book by Jordan Belfort’’ I crossed out ‘‘ The book by Jordan Belfort’’ and inserted ‘‘Religion.’’ Many people against Planned Parenthood believe it is sinful for women to have an abortion due to religious beliefs. I also included text such as

“Screenplay by Patriarchy’’ and “Directed by Republicans”, and where it said “A Scorsese Film” I erased Scorsese’s name and added “sexist.” I replaced the actors names with Trump and Cruz. Another key aesthetic is on the top of the poster where it’s yellow, I photoshopped text saying “Conservative Studios” with the Republican elephant symbol next to it.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Amanda Levin says:

    What are the intentions or goals of the subjects you focused on in the poster? What do they hope to accomplish by limiting women’s reproductive health?


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