Trans Rights: Artist Statement

When searching movie covers, my group and I wanted to make sure that we weren’t offending anyone with our movie poster, but still maintaining satire. After a few days of searching through movie posters my group and I found the movie cover for the “The Last Airbender”. We chose the movie cover because we thought we could play with the words really well. Also, the main purpose of our movie poster was to use trans activist and trans icons that assist in rights for trans people in the same way the last airbender saves the world. We had a lot of issues finding people that were main public figures who were against trans rights. I used Laverne Cox as the main focus of the poster because she is star in “Orange is the New Black,” and she is a huge icon for trans people. My group and I used Chaz Bono (pop star icon Cher’s son) because he is an activist and he started his transition to become Chaz later in his life.


The movie cover for the “The Last Airbender” was the perfect use of satire because we could play with the words very nicely. Also, the trans symbol went perfect to replace the arrow that was originally on “The Last Airbender” character Aang’s forehead. The two people in the background are both public figures are placed in the original placement of the villains in “The Last Airbender.” Throughout our research we learned that John Kavanaugh, state representative of Arizona, introduced a bill that would have made it a crime for trans people to use their preferred bathrooms. We put John Kavanaugh as one of the villains because he speaks against trans rights. I also used Chris Christie as a villain because he believes that the idea of being transgender should not be an idea in the first place.


We kept the places of the people that were in the original movie poster. We kept the color of the original poster and blended the new characters starring in our movie nice and smooth. It was a challenge to take replace where there was originally five people on the poster to four, but Miss Major wasn’t blending in with the poster very well so we took her out. Initially, when we put her in the poster to blend with the character Katara,  the two of them looked like the Hunchback of Notredame. The cloning stamp in Adobe Photoshop helped with the credits at the bottom of the poster, because it helped give it a clean look which made it pop out.


Some of the challenges of making the movie poster was time. With the loss of one of our group members we thought the project was doomed, but all of my group members stayed extra focused during the class period time to made sure that they completed all of their parts of the project on time. One of my personal, major challenges of the project was asking help from others, because I’m used to doing everything by myself without asking for help, but I needed to ask Eric for lots of help because Adobe Photoshop was the most challenging software that I’ve ever worked with. This project also demanded that I pay extra attention to all the details that needed to be corrected.
I am very pleased with how the poster came out because it looks well thought out and put together. We all worked very hard together as a group and helped each other along the way.   



By: Raja Elliott


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