War (On Drugs)! What Is It Good For?

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Artists’ Statement

By Ramona Gomes-McEwen, Alice Hou, Tori Holland, Aaron Jefferson

The War on Drugs is a campaign that began in 1971 under President Richard Nixon. The stated goal of the War on Drugs was to abolish illegal drug trade in the United States, and to implement harsher consequences for drug users, as well as interventions for drug use in the military. By targeting drug use, the intent was to destroy and inhibit the international market for drugs. Consequently, the idea followed that drug acquisition and use would be greatly reduced, if not eliminated in the United States.

Various individuals have taken up the call to increase, re-frame, or call an end to the War on Drugs, and all of these positions rely heavily on evidence drawn from the strategies and results of the War on Drugs.

So what are the actual effects of the War on Drugs? In this project we examine a variety of unique understandings of the outcomes related to the War on Drugs, and how it has affected different Americans, and why.


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