Son of a Gun

Gun Control 11-RecoveredArtists Statement

By Jackson Tobes, Zoe Phelps, Yaretd Hernandez and Senay Moges

Gun control is hotly debated in America. Gun control refers to laws and policies that are used to regulate the right of possession, sale, manufacture and use of firearms in order to control crime and reduce the effects of gun violence.

According to Mass Shooting tracker there have been 353 mass shootings in 2015. 475 people were killed and 1,870 were wounded. In 2015 13,284 people were killed by firearms, and 67,000 firearms were listed for sale online by private unlicensed sellers.

Many people believe that guns are not safe and need more regulation and legislation to reduce the number and availability of guns on American streets. Others believes that the answer to ending mass shootings is to arm guards within schools, rebuild psychiatric programs, and arm more citizens with guns in order for them to protect themselves. Although all sides have strong arguments, America will need to make the right decision, if not it’s future is going to be dangerous.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Barry says:

    This is awesome guys, I really liked the way you show a lot of really important examples, but what would you say if it was your own thinking?


    1. senaysenay says:

      I think that we need to have stronger background checks.


      1. paigejones says:

        yea I agree


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