Have a Koch and a Smile!

million-dollar-baby-(2004)Artist’s Statement

Barry O’Neal Castillo, Bryan Morris, Georgia Steinheimer, and Lucy Rosenthal

Campaign finance has long been a source of contention in American politics. Since 1907, bills have been proposed and passed to help regulate and monitor the ebbs and flows of campaign finance and the corresponding effects on American elections. In 2010, Citizens United VS. Federal Election Commission was fought and won 5-4 that corporations have the right to support candidates as they choose. This began a marked inflow of private money into public politics. The net effect of this is that corporate interests have been granted access to congressional and presidential candidates that most private citizens would be hard pressed to achieve.

The fundamental questions around this issue have to do with whether or not money should be able to buy entry into US politics and the very American ideal that people should be able to do what they wish with money they have at their disposal. Often times we ask, are corporations people? Should people be able to buy politicians? Should every election only be federally funded? These issues have no real one answer, but we explore these topics inALEC: Magician with a Revealed Secret, “A Government of the People, by the Corporations, for the Profit“, and “The 2016 Presidential Race: Why is it So Different?” 

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4 Comments Add yours

  1. senaysenay says:

    I think it’s really interesting that Donald Trump uses his own money campaign . And how much do u guys think he spends?


  2. Barry says:

    Well I’m not really sure but around 25 million or something like that


  3. paigejones says:

    I like how the faces match the bodies it looks like a real movie


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