Artists’ Statement

By Aaron Jefferson

For our project, we researched the War on Drugs and if it was truly effective or not. The War on Drugs has also been labeled a conspiracy by many people including Ron Paul and John Kerry. Since it’s widely accepted as conspiracy, we decided that it would be fitting to use The X-Files as a poster. Our poster uses the themes currently represented by The X-Files and it reflects the idea that the U.S Government, along with the C.I.A, are bringing drugs into the U.S from other countries. The first people you see are Gerry Webb and John Kerry. They represent a few of the people that exposed what was really happening in the War on Drugs. In the background are two drones, one carrying a box with an american flag on it, and a U.F.O off in the distance. The drone with the box is used to represent some of the ways drugs may be being brought into this country. We replaced Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny with Gerry Webb and John Kerry.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Amanda Levin says:

    Are drones actually a viable method for drug importation, legally sanctioned or otherwise? Does this happen?


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