An Education In Gentrification


By Stella Burke, TJ Leon, Nyah Herbert, Yesenia Ortega-Valencia, Triroje Rathaloengsak

This following project is focuses on Gentrification. While Gentrification is the process that happens when a neighborhood’s rent increases because the area becomes more ideal to the upper middle class who inflate the rent, leading to the displacement of people who can no longer afford housing in that area. This process is also seen as urban renewal. Things like new restaurants, landscaping, and stores have been seen as a few of the causes of gentrification, but as these are usually seen as beneficial to the economy which is why some are in favor of urban renewal. There are both consequences and benefits. This following project will show not only the positive and negative effects of this process, but the people who want to do something about it.

The reason that we chose this topic is because we wanted to learn more about what has been increasingly prevalent in the Bay Area where we live. Our main objective was to find out what people believe about gentrification, what should be done about it, and why. We would like to share our findings on such a universal topic as Gentrifications.

Gentrification and its Negative Impacts

It’s Not Gentrification, It’s Urban Development

Gentrification or Fear of Change

Work Cited


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